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When dating if you have sex with a woman more then five times she considers you two to be in a relationship. No matter from the outset it was agreed upon there were no strings attached there are still strings attached whether the male thinks so or not.
Dude, you slept with her how many times? You shoulda stuck to the hand rule!
by Kevin J Abq January 27, 2009
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The standard against which optimal breast size is gauged in seeking a suitable mate, etc.

The optimal breast size is equal to the amount that can be fit in one's hand; any less is not enough and any more is excessive, wasteful, and unnecessary.

The curve follows a sharp Gaussian/Cauchy–Lorentz function and distribution.

f (x; 0,1) = 1 / π (1 + π^2)

This is also known as the Breast-Volarity curve.
Person 1: Wow, she has exquisite breasts.

Person 2: Eh, they're too large.

Person 1: Nonsense!

Person 2: Don't forget the Hand Rule.
Person 1: Ahhh, good call.
by Prof. Munchie March 14, 2014

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