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when a girl masterbates a guy
She gave him a handjob when she went over to his house the other night.
by Someone February 06, 2005
93 98
The 21st century equivalent of the kiss.
by anonymous September 07, 2003
5977 1799
When another person (hopefully a girl!) stimulates a man penis with her hand(s) until the man ejaculates.

A hand job is something that a nice girl can do for a man and and still retain her dignity, unlike a blow job.
I am sitting with my girl friend on the sofa watching TV, and she reaches over and undoes my belt, then she looks at me saying nothing but with a little devilish smile on her face. She then slowly pulls my pants down to my ankles, and then reaches back up, putting her hand inside my boxers. I gasp and breath a little harder as I feel her little hand take hold of my cock and balls, and then pull them out through the opening in my boxers, exposing them. I feel my breath quicked again as she pulls my foreskin back slowly over the head of my cock, and blows gently on my cock head giggling a little. With that devilish grin again she looks up into my eyes, and I know I am powerless to resist her. My pulse is racing now and my cock quickly becomes rock hard and curves up eager for her. I moan a little as her small hand takes a firm grip around my thick shaft. Very slowly and gently she begins to move her hand up and down my throbbing shaft. She starts of slowly but soon her little hand is moving faster and faster, and she is pulling down on my cock which she knows I like. I am breathing really hard now, and lost in her rhythm, each movement she makes is heaven. I feel my balls starting to tighten, and the pressure stating to build, my cock is harder than ever. The pressure is starting to build more and more, my pulse is racing, I tense my body to try and stop it building, but her rhythm is relentless. I tighten my fists, and I feel my toes curl, I arch my back, shut my eyes tight, I try and hold back just a second more, but suddenly I cannot hold back anymore, and huge waves of pleasure overcomes me as I thrust out my cock with each huge arc of seamen that jets out uncontrollably. As the pleasure subsides, my knees are shaking a little, my girlfriend cleans me up with a tissue, and I cuddle here for a while.

That was a great hand job!
by Ryd October 07, 2006
6156 2575
Discovered by men but stolen by the female species at a horrid attempt to bargain with the opposite sex by attempting to offer something as a treat, when in reality, it is something very ordinary, manipulated by evil girls to make you do chores or give them flowers.
"a handjob, that's a man job; but a blowjob? that's yo' job."
by Alex R April 10, 2004
4546 2441
When another person (woman or man but preferabla a woman) rubs a man's penis with their hand, usually to make them reach orgasm.
There's a reason guys want girls to do it; its mostly in the mind. A guy would probably do it better than a girl but the realization that someone else is doing it and they're a girl makes the guy feel better and he's more likely to cum faster. It's the same reason a straight girl wouldn't want a lesbian to eat them out; you know that she's going to do a better job than your average guy but the fact that it is another woman will make you sick to your stomach. Ditto with a straight guy being offered a hand job or blow job from a dude; you would rather do it yourself than let another dude anywhere near your cock.
by anonymous September 17, 2004
3475 1727
What sex was in eighth grade.
Robin gave me a handjob in the back of the #20 bus.
by nostalgic February 27, 2003
3011 1706
when a woman ejaculates a man by using her hand (as opposed to using her vagina, her tits, or her lips)
She had just met him 5 hours ago; she was concerned about his unknown history, so when he fingered her to a climax, she reciprocated by giving him the best hand job he had ever had. It was the first time that he had ever spurted over 9 times. It left him completely drained.
by John R. January 02, 2004
3466 2184
When a girl massages a guys penis so that he moans and groans like there is no fucking tomorrow. If done correctly, ejaculation occurs...girls, this is a clean version of oral sex...why get your mouth dirty if you don't have to?!
Timmy moaned so loud during his hand job that Mary got so excited that she ended up giving him a blow job...he was so hard...
by Ha November 16, 2003
2981 1980