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The incorrect pronounciation of 'hamster'. Annoying as hell.
'Wanna play with the hampster? Supposebly I ain't goin' to school, and that.'
by noelle October 14, 2003
The retarded way to spell hamster. There's no "p" in hamster. Kthnxbai.
Gal: "Aww. Look at the little hampster running on her wheel"
Guy: "Umm..."
#hamster #hamper #rodent #pet #mouse #gerbil
by Yams September 09, 2006
A common misspelling of hamster.
by Anonymous June 16, 2003
a cunt's way of spelling hamster.
what sound do hampster's make?
#hamster #cunt #douche #furry animal #skitter skatter
by hardxcunt July 11, 2006
A hipter that looks like they belong in a country club in the Hamptons
Ezra Koenig is a Hampster
#hipster #deck #hamptons #silverlake #country club
by eswain93 February 24, 2010
Grew up a hippie, and is now a gangster.

A gun carrying mofo thats eats tofu.

Acts like a gangster but is a hippie inside.

Likes the grateful dead and dead prez.

All about anarchy and anger but inside, nothin but peace and love.
Hangs out with criminals, but she grew up with a bunch of long hair hippies. That bitch is straight hampster style.

That hampster boy over there actin all hard when he don't even eat meat.
#hippie #gangster #wanna be #buster #faker
by moodyEvil beaatch October 22, 2009
A hampster is a fat hipster.
So i was outside of a Built To Spill concert and almost got run over by a couple of hampsters.
#hipster #emo #indie #fat #vans
by nick723nick January 21, 2008
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