Verb: Combination of Camping, while being at Home.
This is done primarily for fun and fresh air, while enjoying the modern facilities close at hand. If it rains too hard or gets too cold, the front door is close at hand. If a bear thinks your campsite looks tasty, simply step inside and watch him eat your food from a safe viewpoint. Other perks may include the usability of all your blankets and pillows from your bed without having to tote them far. Last but not least, the hamper can make love so close to the bedroom, but outside, under the stars and moon. It's a lovin' experience. Hamping: everyone should try it.
by Rockster1226 October 11, 2010
Top Definition
Using camping equipment inside your home, especially when your home simulates the rigors of wilderness living.
The heating bill got too expensive, so this month I've set the thermostat at 52 degrees and I'm hamping in my sleeping bag on the couch.
by Jenszi January 08, 2011
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