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Australian slang meaning to go hard at something, put all you're effort and power into it.

Comes from the days when blacksmiths would hold flaming metal with tongs and bash it into shape.

Mate I am going to go for it hammer and tong.
by Paulco March 09, 2008
a phrase that is used when someone is exerting their full effort at a given activity, usually of a sexual nature.
i walked into jethro's room last night and he was going 'hammer and tongs' on some bush pig he picked up.

i came home early from work yesterday only to find my flatmate going 'hammer and tongs' on himself in the living room.
by cam_theman December 20, 2006
Going for it after a long time apart. Usually after one partner has been travelling around the world.
Alana has been missing James since he left on his holiday. They're going to go at it hammer and tongs when he gets back. I have heard they've booked a hotel. Maybe they'll do it in the car at the airport..
by Hammer and Tongs Hotel January 31, 2009
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