Common cigars, available in shops in the UK.
Il have a pack of hamlets please
by alan Michale August 09, 2005
Omelet with ham
Good morning, Ill take a hamlet with some OJ.
by Bdiddy00 July 14, 2011
A baby hamster under the age of about 3 months. Originates from the word "Piglet" : a baby pig.
Jon gave me a present! I got a hamlet and he's very sweet. He needs lots of care though, as he is only little x
by Pro ass January 26, 2007
a short fat "pig physiqued" manlet
a: haha look at that dude he's short and fat
b: typical hamlet
by lolzgym_nyc August 22, 2012
Having sex from behind using the top part of a womans butt. Like titty fucking but with the ass.
Yo that girls ass is bangin- i'd love to give her the Hamlet.
by Adam Padgett December 17, 2008
1. Shakespeare's famous play. Later dumbed down to Disney's The Lion King.

2. Main character in Shakespeare's famous (infamous?) play by the same name. Total whiny, self-centered jerk. Seriously. I'm not kidding. See also emo and whiny crybaby.
"We saw the high school's production of Hamlet this weekend."
"I've heard of that. What's it about?"
"It's about a prince named Hamlet who returns to his kingdom to find that his father, the king, was murdered by his evil uncle. The uncle then married Hamlet's mother to inherit the throne. In the end, Hamlet and the uncle battle to the death---"
"Hey, I've seen that! Were they all lions?"

2. "My name is Hamlet and my life sucks. Maybe I should kill myself. But then again, maybe not. I dunno. Should I? Should I not? Eeny meeny miney mo...."
by SpecialKRJ March 22, 2007
retarded colombian coffee maker that likes it in the rump and stutters like a jackass
Sam: Hey hamlet whats up?
Hamlet: n-n-nothin ju- ju- just makin s-s-some coffee y-y-y-you?
by Sam Davissa October 30, 2008
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