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A term named after the rapper Charles Hamilton, this can refer to either a singular or series of unlucky events for the particular person in question. It can run the gamut from something breaking down into a misunderstanding where one pisses off another person unintentionally and gets snuffed in the process, or doing something where one can have the entire population of a particular territory ready to take turns kicking the one being hamiltoned's ass.

It can also lead to that person's disappearance after a series of these unlucky events.
"I had a bad day at the office today. I got told to fuck off by my boss, Pam in accounting is threatening me with a sexual harassment lawsuit, and Chaz won't stop fucking sending me YouTube videos that were funny a year ago. Oh, and Michael sucker punched me when I was heading out on my lunch break! I got hamiltoned today, fml!"

"Charles Hamilton first got punched in the face on camera by his girlfriend, then had the entire community of the Detroit rap scene ready to lay the smackdown on him after a random series of events involving J Dilla. After dropping off the face of the Earth, it was safe to assume that he got hamiltoned."
by HellBoy3K September 09, 2009
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