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Relic Comics would like to apologize for the fake definition of hamburgerman made earlier. We had nothing to do with that persons actions. Hamburgerman was invented by the-Coach. After creating it in sunday school, with several 1-3 panel shorts the-coach created Relic Co. And Relic studios is a part of that which now creates many comics, and more. We do not Think Urban dictionary should be used as a form of revenge. The individual who left the false definition earlier is a troubled, pathetic, girl, who jsut wanted attention and could not think of any ideas of her own. So thus they posted the false definition. Relic Co is not associated with her in anyway. Relic Co would like to ask urban dictionary to remove the false, incorrect, stolen definition, if that is possible. We do not want people to have the wrong information, nor let that individual get away with this stunt. here is the real story of Hamburgerman: In the year 2000 a terrorist was going to bomb mcdonalds, but when he decided to call off his terroristic life he had to stash the nukes. So he threw them away. All the food in the trash can came alive and became transformed. One of the hamburgers relized that he was givin his powers and he must use them to help mankind. But there are those who decided to use it to gain more power. Hamburgerman then began fighting the evil. After many dramatic battles he retired. But then a threat that was person to him, destroyed his life, the threat was in fact from the inside of the BSFU (bistanders stopping frequent uprisings). Hanmburgerman then had to go rogue. The series stopped there. But now Relic Studios and Relic Comics are working together to bring you a whole new hamburgerman experience. Hamburgerman the series.

Relic Co is an official orginization. The rights to all the characters, including hambugerman, is owned by Relic Co. Any other versions are un-official, and what is said them is completely false, they haev nothign to do with the story line, and are probably not as good.
Hamburgerman is the worlds greatest Super Hero.
by The-Coach August 16, 2006
A comic book character created by none other than ME, Joseph. In the comics, Hamburgerman originated as a Wendy's Classic Single. But he was then super-sized and became Hamburgerman, and gained super powers. He flew away and landed at the Burger Cave(Burger King) and dedicated his life to fighting evil. Some of the villains he has battled include the Super Fry, The Six-Dollar Burger, but his greatest villain is Pizza Slice. Luckily his trusty sidekick, Pizza Boy, is always there to fight and drive the Pizzamobile. Hamburgerman has starred in 6 ground-breaking, award-winning seasons and is preparing for a seventh.
Hamburgerman defeated the Six-Dollar Burger in Season 2 with his ketchup blaster.
by _Morpheus_ August 08, 2006
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