Getting off with your partners face covered in shit.
when your partner is giving you a reach around with theri face in your asshole. Then right when you start to cum you shit on their face making it look like hamburger helper.
by the hopwood June 25, 2009
Pasta you have to mix the meat in with. Normally, food for people on Welfare.
I don't have a job so I eat Hamburger Helper a lot.
by squidfinder123 August 26, 2005
the act of a man putting on the hamburger helper glove and shoving it up a girls anus hole the glove will go up so far that the shit looks like hamburger helper
" im really hungry would anybody like some hamburger helper."
by nickcory June 04, 2009
To fuck a girl so hard her pussy is destroyed.
Your at the bar with your buddies and a hot girl walks by. You say to your buddy: "hey jeff, I'm gonna Hamburger helper that broads pussy tonight!"
by Bruce Twayne December 15, 2008
In most schools, the special ed. stutends get to help out the lunch ladies put together the hamburgers, this job is called Hamburger Helper.
Damn hamburger helpers!!! They drooled in my cheeseburger and put gravy on the bun!
by gamma November 15, 2004
when you take a shit in a girls vagina and then cum in it and then you mix it all in then eat it o so slowly
I hate hamburger helper they taste like crap
by brian jenkins January 29, 2008
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