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A fuckadeered organization that encourages suicide bombings of civilians. A funny fact: Not one senior Hamas oficial has ever done a suicide bombing, and not one of their family members has ever done it either. I guess only the palestinian peasants are dumb enought to do it.
Dude, look at me, I'm sumfuck that is going to blow myself to bits on account of Hamas told me so. I'm expecting to get 27 virgins after I turn myself into a grease spot in some shit row neighborhood, but I will really only get 27 versions of eternal stupidity.
by Jaggo March 23, 2004
Terror gang bent on exterminating the Jews.
Is it any coincidence that Hamas and Haman are spelled similarly?
by Korora November 18, 2003
organization of angry camel jockeys. mostly attacks little jewish kids. afraid of actually fighting in the open, prefers chicken-shit sneak attacks. mostly homos and pig fuckers.
"wow, hamas blew up another bus full of kids. what a bunch of chicken-shit homo camel jocks."
by gloxin August 22, 2003
Hamas, the main Islamist movement in the Palestinian territories, was born soon after the previous intifada erupted in 1987. The organization opposes the Oslo peace process and its short-term aim is a complete Israeli withdrawal from the Palestinian territories. Hamas does not recognize the right of Israel to exist. Its long-term aim is to establish an Islamic state on land originally mandated as Palestine - most of which has been contained within Israel's borders since its creation in 1948. The grass-roots organization - with a political and a military wing - has an unknown number of hard-core members but tens of thousands of supporters and sympathizers.
It has two main functions: 1) it is involved in building schools and hospitals in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, and in helping the community in social and religious ways. 2) The military wing of Hamas - known as the Izzedine al-Qassam Brigades - has carried out a series of bloody attacks against Israeli targets. In February and March 1996, Hamas carried out several bus bombings, killing nearly 60 Israelis. It was also blamed for attacks in 1997 in Jerusalem which killed 15 people, and brought the peace process grinding to a halt. Yasser Arafat's Palestinian Authority (PA) - the government-in-waiting if a Palestinian state is established - views Hamas as a serious rival, yet the Palestinian leader has tried to co-opt the movement into mainstream politics. But his insistence that Hamas recognize the PA as the only national authority in the Palestinian territories and cease military operations against Israel has been resisted. Hamas argues that to accept the PA would be to recognize the Oslo accords - which Islamist groups saw as nothing more than a security deal between the PA, Israel and the US, with the ultimate aim of wiping them out. Despite a fierce offensive against the group in 1996, when the PA arrested some 1,000 Palestinians and took over mosques in Gaza, the PA has been careful not to drive Hamas underground.
by Dancing with Fire January 21, 2011
An organization founded in 1987 with the aim of establishing an Islamic state in Palestine.
In early 2006 Hamas won legislative elections in the Palestinian territories, ending the secular Fatah party’s hold on the Palestinian Authority and challenging Fatah’s leadership of the Palestinian national movement. Hamas continues its refusal to recognize Israel or renounce violence against Israelis and, since early 2008, has conducted one suicide bombing, which killed one civilian, and numerous mortar and rocket attacks that injured civilians. The United States has designated Hamas as a Foreign Terrorist Organization.
by Dancing with Fire April 09, 2013
An angry group of people driven to violence primarily caused by years of alcohol and pork deprivation combined with generations of incest due to marrying cousins. Their rabid and barbaric nature leads them to mostly attack innocent jewish kids.

The primary means to distract or defend against HAMAS are: bacon bombs, pictures of attractive sheep and several 5.56x45mm rounds to the head.
Those Hamas cowards attacked a bus of kids going to visit petting zoo.
by Pakinator December 02, 2009
Unlike Hezbollah, Hamas is a Sunni organization controlled by the Palestinians. Even though Hamas is Sunni, while the Iranian leadership is Shiite, Iran supports Hamas on the theory "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." Hamas owes its origin to the Muslim Brotherhood, a group formed in Egypt in the 1920s with the goal of establishing a "pure" Islamic state. Hamas was officially formed on December 8, 1987, coinciding with the outbreak of the first intifada against Israel. Hamas is an Islamic jihadist organization that operates primarily in the Gaza Strip and other Palestinian controlled territories.
Hamas terror academy

Instructor: When firing your weapons at Zionist enemy
always make sure you are protected behind school or shelter.
by Jewishfan February 02, 2010
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