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An alternate form of lawl or lol. When someone says 'hamar' it means that something is funny. Some may say it is the brown way of saying something is funny since 'hamar' sounds a bit like the name Kumar.
Person 1: "I ate too many nachos and puked!"
Person 2: "Hamar."
Person 1: "It's not funny."
Person 2: "HAMAR!"
by clarbear May 27, 2010
Arabic swear word means "donkey", "ass" etc. This word is normally used when someone do harm or idiotic thing. (e.g : Imran Khan and Zardari.)
Imran Khan hu hamar waneh la ta3rif ayshii.
Zardari hu hamar min akbar, wa Imran Khan hu damiyyah eblah mineh.
by Ilahalrad June 26, 2013
A small town in Eastern Norway.
Person 1 - "What is Hamar?"
Person 2 - "A town in Norway."

Person 1 - "Where is Hamar?"

Person 2 - "In Hedmark county, Norway."

Person 1 - "What is Hamar known for?"

Person 2 - "Their viking ship."
by hamargirl December 31, 2011
a hamar iis a arabic word for donkey, meaning also a stupid pointless person
why the fuck are you brushing your teeth with a toliet brust you hamar!!
by everlastiin May 01, 2010
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