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An abuse that people of South Asia frequently use. Literal meaning is 'dog' but cultural meaning is 'bastard'.
Thug: Give me all your belongings!
Man: Zardari! you won't get it that easy!

A: I drank all the bud-lites from your fridge!
B: You son of zardari!!!
by lalaJ sirraH September 01, 2010
1. A filthy son of a bitch.
2. Haramda (punjabi)

3. Ullu ka Patha (urdu)
4. Man Whore
5. Dick head
6. A greedy pig
John is a filthy zardari, he would steal all the money from the world if he could.
Ali is a zardari from the childhood.
President of pakistan is a Zardari.
by Bitch Cracker November 02, 2010
Zardari means 'Corrupt', 'Corruption'.

Zardari is a well known term used in Pakistan and now worldwide for maligning and accusing someone for corruption.
News bulletin: "Somalia has seen increased Zardari in the recent past."

Judge to the victim: "You are sentenced to remain in prison for 10 years due to your Zardari charges"

Aik badmash dosray say: "Abay! too ney to zardari main mujhay bhi peechay chor diya"
by BBZs July 05, 2011
Although a common word for a corrupt person especially in Pakistan. It is the family name of president of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari. The word is derived from Persian language literally meaning Wealthy. Zar means wealth and Dar is a suffix meaning Having/ Possessing.
As to rest of the common usage nowadays , see the above definitions.
Sorry but have no examples but others have elaborately described Zardari
by Lyanna April 08, 2012
Used to describe hindu bunderstani terrorist.
the zardaris of bunderstani occupied army is killing innocent Kashmiris in occupied Kashmir.
by hajisam April 18, 2015
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