Having sex with an obese women from behind and your thighs are slamming up against those to big ole butt cheeks
I picked up a full figured lady last night and bent her over and gave her a ham slam
by Canadaram May 31, 2008
Top Definition
The ham slam is a premeditated act. You must place a ham steak (thick, flexible and boneless) between the matress and box spring prior to any sex act taking place. Have sex in the doggy style position and when the man is about to come, he removes the ham without the woman knowing. He comes on the ham and when his partner turns around to see what he is doing, he slaps her in the face with the come soaked ham.
Warning: The ham slam may cause divorce, seperation or break-up.
by Peter & Ernie August 04, 2006
Stuffing ham inside one's tight rectum
Suzie was acting like a slut, so I pried her rectum open and ham slammed her.
by pdude618 June 18, 2016
A particularly large dump, especially after undergoing a food coma.
Mother: is johnnie ok?
Father: yes he is just having a ham slam.
by troysco2 May 21, 2015
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