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A politically correct term for "fat".
She wanted to set me up with her friend who she called "full figured". I said no thanks.
by Klopek007 July 09, 2006
Adjective. Of a body: thick and solid, although not necessarily fat. That is, nicely filled out and sensually appealing, voluptuous.

Of a woman: buxom and shapely, with broad hips and lots of sensuous, womanly curves (as opposed to a twiggy, androgynous, stick figureed waif)

Of a man: broad-shouldered and barrel-chested and often muscular (big and butch instead of a willowy pretty boy)
Kate Winslet, famously full-figured, once said "I'm not a twig and I refuse to be".

"Full-figured" does not mean "fat", per se, just a nicely filled and sensually shaped figure: nice, shapely legs; broad-shouldered and barrel-chested men; broad-hipped women generously endowed in the butt and breasts.
by Lorelili November 13, 2009
A girl with everything vi. I am talking about a nice ass, GREAT LIPS, tight rack, and good personality. The kind of girl that every man in the world wants to marry. That is full figured.
Damn Beyonce is a full figured girl
by Badasscopkilla June 09, 2006