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A prize fighter whose modest skills won't let him/her win large purses. So, their manager (who gets a percentage of purses won) will never be able to afford to eat better than ham & eggs. (No steaks!)
That ham and egger! He got KO'd in the second by some stumblebum.
by outawork November 07, 2003
148 90
A common person who might be seen eating ham and eggs. Not posessing many spectacular qualities. Your 'average joe'.
Some ham and egger came into my work today.
by Max December 26, 2003
374 123
your average joe schmoe, 9 to 5, daily grind nobody. a sucker. someone without any side hustles.
look at that suit and tie wearing ham and egger.
by doctor deez June 12, 2010
65 36
An amateur. Primarily and athlete, posing as a professional, but not quite up to that caliber. It's a slurred, "code" name for Amateur. Hence: Am - A - Teur = Ham -And - Egger.
1940's Ringside Announcer: "This guy's just a hamneggr (ham and egger)."
by Kent james March 02, 2010
41 53
People who always always want more than their entitled to. (The ham AND the eggs).
Man these, ham-and-eggers just won't realise they're not on the list and they're not getting into this party.
by cityclass June 06, 2006
21 33
An agricultural term used to describe a livestock facility in which pigs (porcus fattae) and chickens (poultus eggae) are raised in close quarters, often resulting in symbiosis between the two animal species.
"much to his consternation, farmer boggs awoke at the crack of dawn for the fifth consecutive morning to a cacophone of cocks' crows and fevered oinking."
by valid id twin November 09, 2003
22 204