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5 definitions by cityclass

A term most commonly used on Facebook and MySpace.
When you're the first person to write on somebody's wall or comment on someone's profile; therefore reaping them of their virginity of that said wall or profile.
On Nicky's wall...

Courtney wrote on Nov. 2:
by cityclass November 05, 2006
68 14
A movie with the funniest trailer ever, about a guy who didn't get accepted anywhere but needed to to comply with his parents regulations, thus making his own university, of which anyone can get accepted to.
"As me about my weiner!!" -A line from Accepted.
by cityclass August 06, 2006
59 21
a less profane, more appropriate term for the word bitch.
"That girl back there was such a biznerk, I just wanted to rip her head off," said Kelly.
by cityclass May 07, 2006
7 1
Comes from wookie and dander, meaning a sarcastic, lifeless idiot.
Man, that wookie dander over there is telling me I have really big feet, although he doesn't have any.
by cityclass March 20, 2005
3 2
People who always always want more than their entitled to. (The ham AND the eggs).
Man these, ham-and-eggers just won't realise they're not on the list and they're not getting into this party.
by cityclass June 06, 2006
21 34