1. The glowing ring thing above an Angel's head. Suggestive of purity or divinity.
2. The most overrated game currently available. The hype surrounding the game was all out of proportion to the actual quality, which only exists in drunken multiplayer battles.
3. The only reason the X-Box ever gets any sales. No, DOA and Project Gotham don't count. They're also overrated.
1. Go to Church
2. Talk to an X-Box fanboy
3. This ties in with 2
by Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi October 09, 2004
the ring world master cheif (a spartan 2 mecha sodier) crash lands on while fighting off the covenant scum that threatens the human way of life
we have crash landed on the halo.
by ryan dolan November 09, 2003
a once cool game that is now like the gayest game on earth. usually groups of males with no lives and no girlfriends play this game while masturbating in their basement
lets take turns playing halo and masturbating because we have no girlfriends
by the anus pirate December 22, 2008
A very overrated game for a crappy system, n00bs consider it to be the best FPS ever, but these are the people when asked about other shooting games they say "Oh, I don't play any other games!"
Sk8erhalo696969: OMG HALO SI TEH BSET GMAE EVA!!!!!
Stcb: No its not, ever played Half-Life, Its the best.
Sk8erhalo696969: OMG HALF WHAT?
by Stcb May 01, 2005
The best game in all of eternity. Very fun!:) I like it!
hElLo AlL gOoD tO sEe YoU1
by "Here's Johnny!" March 17, 2005
Halo is so over rated!

It is pretty sad that it is the best game on X-box...cuz it sucks!
If you want a gaming system for men...buy a PS2
by HALO SUX November 11, 2004
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