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The anthem of the Ghetto Revival.
Ben: "Yo, this place is perfect for the Ghetto Revival."
Clem: "Hallelujah hollaback!"
by johnbrown January 23, 2007
Separately, hallelujah means praise the Lord, while hollaback means reply. So, combined, it means praise the lord for answering my prayers. Usually used when the Lord sends a fine piece of booty across your field of vision.
Leeroy: Daaaaaaaaammnnn look at that fine piece of booty...
John Brown: Hallelujah hollaback!
by huy tha eskimo March 14, 2007
expression made popular by the "king of the 'Burbs" John Brown, from "the White Rapper Show" MTV.
Persia- "yous ain't real John Brown! yous whats wrong with hip hop!"

John Brown- "hallelujah holla' back."
by miki and nathan January 24, 2007
coined by white rapper star John Brown and his group that claims to be reviving the ghetto.
John Brown: Yo im kind of da burbs, ghetto revival hallelujah holla back
by Nathan mofuckin Eck March 20, 2007
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