1. An expression of joy or praise when a slow half wit finally cottons on to the painstaking obvious.
2. Expression used to signify having achieved a particular difficult lay.
1. Hallelujah, give the boy a bannana!
2. "Did u do er? hallelujah!
by Vikas Dhingra (Vee) July 04, 2003
1. it means big niggaz
2. It all so means did diiiid (dood)
3. to praise my penis
1. Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah , Hallelujah bitch.
2. sup Hallelujah?
3. suuup, maaan, bra, I'maG'I'maG, Hallelujah
by big-dood-da-man August 11, 2006
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