The lovable guy in the office whose lack of diligence is overlooked because he's so darn nice
When it comes to anything outside the realm of television, sports, or pop culture, Hall Monitors are boderline retarded, but they're so agreeable and good-natured that they appeal to everyone nonetheless.
Top Definition
is an extension of it's true meaning. someone who polices the halls and rats on fellow peers for petty power, self esteem and approval from elders. someone who gets off or generally thinks they are in charge by randomly busting you. self appointed judges of anything.
who do you think you are, the fucking hall monitor?
by coldchicken23 November 02, 2003
Having sex in or around school grounds.
John:I totally fucked this chick in the science lab!
Joey:Oh so you were a hall monitor.
by Bryon Mitchell Smego January 18, 2008
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