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When one fails to finish, be it drinking, smoking, running, eating....etc etc. More generic term than 'light-weight'. Can be used in almost any situation where someone fails! Is also used when one vomits.
Come on Ant you halfsesh, cant believe you cant finish that drink. No NO! stop puking you f***ing HALFSESH!
by N_Tag July 28, 2004
The term used if a person shits out of something, goes home early on a night out, or basically stops doing something that in all situations should be done with ease.
A person goes home from a night out really early
"You propa half-seshed it last night didnt you, went home early"


"Are you coming on the new oblivion ride at alton towers?" "No" "You Half-sesh"
by rego_jacko November 19, 2008
a person who can't handle his drink
"Oi, Keano, you're a pua Half Sesh"
by pualad March 01, 2013
One who is unable to keep up the pace.

Interchangeable with 'Getting your bag'

Origins: A half sesh known as Paul Griffiths.
Wake up and finish your drink you halfsesh
by Talk to Frank August 17, 2004
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