The type of hair possessed by one who is half caucasian and half blacky.
Ooh, that's quite a halfro!
by Falkan March 04, 2003
Top Definition
A hairstyle much like the afro, expect with looser curls. Usually found on half-black, or half-asian people.
Chris the half-Flip has a dope halfro!
by DJ Okibi January 04, 2005
When a hairdo is not an afro, but definitely halfway there.
Jim: Wow, my hair is so poofy and curly today!

Mike: It must be a halfro.
by Halfrozen June 23, 2013
When a girl only shaves her vagina and either forgets or doesn't shave her asshole. Sometimes dingleberries hang out there.
Yo bro I was trying hit Jane doggystyle yesterday but that halfro just killed it for me. There was a major dinggleberry too.
by BMS me June 12, 2014
...half of an afro or half-fro
"Halfro is such a fucking douche, oh, wazzup Mr. Heck?"
by my name is my fucking name March 21, 2004
The untamed hair of gay men
1: Yo andrei, the fuck is up with your hair brah? You got dat der halfro..
2: Theriously my hair is fierce guyyy
1: .....
by flipwon November 24, 2011
A hairstyle consisting of half of an afro. This could mean it has less curls or it could mean that all of the curls are at the lower half of the style.
Eunice - "Why does that kid think he's hot honey?"

Demarcus - "Don't ya'll know? Dat gangsta be pullin' off da hottest halfro in town!"
by BlackMamba4Lyfe May 09, 2010
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