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when you set your privacy settings on facebook to not include tagged pics, access to your wall, etc for a select group of people. your aunts, uncles, little cousins, (insert anyone you don't want seeing incriminating photos of you or stalking your shit) keep joining facebook and you have no choice but to friend them... you can at least half-friend them to minimize stalking, ridicule and generally being a bad influence.
"I can't believe aunt viv joined facebook, now she comments on every photo and every status update, it's getting annoying. as if i needed her knowing i 'ended up puking in a bush' and was crazy drunk last night. my friends left that little anecdote on my wall and she commented 'you got some splainin to do' Ugh."

"You should have half-friended her like I did, she can't see shit on my profile."
by tuuesday April 28, 2010
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