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To be uncertain whether to bang a chick, with conflicting feelings about her crazy tendancies, but also being damn fine.

This discussion is usually had with Bros after the club while grabbing after-bar food, or at work the following day, by the water cooler.
Alex: man, this bitch has got me half in the sack!
Steve: why man, what'd she do?
Alex: she's got like, African wooden sculptures with giant penises all over the place, and she leaves her apartment door open and changes in the hallway.. but she loves wearing lacy things and has excellent oral skills.. so don't know what to do..
Steve: whoa, I'd keep away from her, good with the bad, you'll one day with your dick cut off and mounted on a new sculpture.
Alex: good call man, saving muh dick from inclement danger, like a BOSS.
by sexilexi1 August 09, 2015
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