a dumb stupid retarded person
"OMG are you wearing purple?"
"no duhh you hakunamatata!"
by Darkemogal96 January 19, 2012
"Hakuna Matata; what a wonderfull phrase.
Hakuna Matata; It aint no passing craze.

It means no worries, for the rest of your days.

Its our problem free, philosophy...

I quote "The Lion King" a Walt Disney production.
by Dave! February 21, 2004
"Hakuna Matata" means "No Worries" in Swahili Language.
- Man, you just ran over a grandmomma!
- Hakuna Matata.
by REX since 1982 November 28, 2005
Hakuna matata is wonderfully phrased, problem-free phiolosophy which means "no worries, for the rest of your days." (Disney's Lion King)

In Swahili, it means "no worries" or "here-there-are-no concerns." Yes, it wasn't invented for Lion King...
"Hakuna Matata!"
"Hakuna Matata?"
"Yeah. It's our motto!"
by TheSloth August 10, 2006
No worries. Not to worry.
It's our problem free, Philosophy, hakuna matata.
by joyjoyjoyjordanjordie July 23, 2010
meanz nO wOrriez, fOr the rest of ur dayz
hakunamatat, what a wOnderful phrase
by m ! n $ t 3 r April 03, 2003
Hakuna Matata is a Swahili phrase that can be translated literally as "Ah, fuck it"
Had a bad day? Hakuna Matata.

Or as we say in America: fuck it.
by conworker May 03, 2012
While normally means "no worries" it is used in the urban communities and means "no struggles" . The widely used word struggle or " The struggle" has been used in many different situations, especially over the internet as a joke and in real life where people are going through tough times, so when some finally decide to make something out of their lives and work to get out of the struggle. They begin to set goals to achieve the Hakuna Matata status.
Tyrone : I finally got a job to buy some fresh shoes and clothes for you babe, plus I can pay off the child support my ex keeps nagging me about and get her off my back.

Chole: Oh papi you finally getting your life on track~

Tyrone: I told you girl, hakuna matata.
Will: I don't work at McDonalds anymore and managed to get a better job.

Ray: Ooooh hakuna matata brah!!
by NoGoodTsuna May 29, 2014

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