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Hairy nipples; areolas with hair growing out of them
Sally took off her bra, and I was disgusted to learn that she had hairyolas.
by DJ MethFace July 29, 2006
21 7
(slang) A derogatory word used to describe any woman's areola which has too much hair growing out of it. A hairy areola.
"Steve, get a load of that dame with the hairyolas!"
by Anonymous Slinker October 17, 2007
11 3
hairy nipples
He got her hairyola stuck in his teeth.
by blutimus July 18, 2010
2 1
hair that surrounds, and almost outlines, the nipples
"Kris, the only hair on your chest is around your nipples. YOU HAVE HAIRYOLAS
by wampwigglemelt August 16, 2010
1 2