A chunk of ice (usually seen in a spherical form) that falls from the sky during severe weather. In its plural it is referred to as hail.
Last Wednesday there was a severe storm, in which a haili hit my car, and made a large dent.
by Sammer29 August 07, 2011
Top Definition
an african dance.
involving little or no clothing.
must be performed on multiple drugs.
this girl is dancing haili on my lap.
i enjoy this very much.
by ChiaTonight June 26, 2008
A sexy fine dark skin girl that has a lot of friends and everyone loves to be around is funny and very intelligent she is quiet at times but if you piss her off she will turn into something you don't wanna see she has that one boy she looks after in school and keeps out of trouble just a all around great person
Haili is a great person
by johnjekins April 03, 2016
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