A word generally depicting extreme humor, or something very funny, it can also depict anything that is cool,funny,exciting,awesome.
Jordan: Im going to beat you up.

Marcus: Haggle, the day that happens, hell will freeze over.
by Lance2392 January 25, 2008
Top Definition
To try and convince someone to make whatever they are selling a lower price. They'll suggest a price, you'll suggest a lower one, and each of you keep on suggesting prices until you are willing to pay.
"The boat is $1000."

"I'll pay you 500."



"Deal! Pay me $700 and the boat is yours."
by Newbia June 23, 2004
A group of Harp Players
Mr Eddins, the haggle of harpists you requested has arrived.
by Boobychuk November 19, 2009
when someone keeps botherin u
damn girl, quit hagglin me!!
by DTP September 15, 2004
A chav and his girlfriend
I was talking to Haggle.
by aliveg February 07, 2007
Slang for Weed.. back before weed prices were pretty much standard $25/50 - $30-60. You would haggle over what you were willing to pay for a bag. Hence the term. It is used when referring to weed over the phone.
(ring)(ring)...Hello, Yoh, what's up? Yougot any haggle man?
by Mike Poopstick February 02, 2005
v. t.&i. To vigorously rub ones scrotum up and down or across the face of one's partner.
My chode was itchy so I gave her a good haggling.
by spaggler April 30, 2004
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