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A) A heterosexual male whose social activities primarily revolve around platonic relationships with multiple females and engaging in stereotypically feminine activities with said females. Although rarely exhibiting effeminate behaviors themselves, the hag’s fag is often considered to be “one of the girls” by the social group, and is noteworthy for being the sole male in a clique of all females.

B) A male who ends up becoming a female’s platonic best friend (often a cock tease) in a desperate and quixotic bid to become romantically linked to said female. Typical signs of hag’s-fagship include: withdrawal from everyday social activities to devote more time and energy to the partner, overly-chivalrous, hyper-affectionate, protective, doting, and tacky “romantic comedy” behavior directed at the female partner (i.e. being “the nice guy”), frequent partaking in “dating” activities with the female partner without the prospect of getting laid, delusions that the sexual “promised land” is just around the corner, lying and exaggerating about sexual encounters with the partner to peers, and mistaken beliefs by peers that the hag’s fag and the partner are romantically linked. While hag’s fags may engage in some low-level sexual activities with their partners (petting, handholding, sleepovers, hugging, kissing), these typically tend to be limited to the initial stages of the relationship and rarely progress beyond.

C) Any male who is repeatedly strung along by a female cock tease.
1. He is such a hag's fag! Does have any male

2. I dropped over 100 bucks on that B and she still hasn’t put out. Not even a kiss! Fuck this. I’m definitely not interested in being her hag’s fag.
by Dean_Jungmin May 06, 2012

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