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When a person tries to grow an Afro, but the hair grows out instead of up.
Kenny sure is sporting quite the hafro.
by QG May 09, 2008
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Common among aging black men who have begun balding but still try to sport the "natural".
Sherman Hemsley (George Jefferson) sports one mean hafro!
by Rin Rin August 15, 2005
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half afro/ the stage of growing an afro
dude 1: dude i like ur hair
dude 2: is it an afro?
Dude 3 : naa its a hafro
by Brawlar August 08, 2008
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A shortened version of Hermaphrodite.
John: Kenneth is a Hafro......he is scottish..hence a hafro

Kenneth: No objections here!
by Mark November 15, 2004
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