v. ha·do·kened, ha·do·ken·ing, ha·do·kens

1. To create and shoot a fireball from one's hands, usually of bluish hue, using secret ninja powers.


1. The act of hadokening.
2. The fireball created during the act of hadokening.


1. Spoken or exclaimed while hadokening.

From Japanese hadou, surge, doki, wrath, and ken, sphere.

ha·do·ken·er n.
ha·do·ken·a·ble adj.
ha·do·ken·ly adv.
M. Bison was defeated by Ryu's hadoken.
by Patrick March 08, 2004
its a ki blast that is gathered by all of nature through the body and formed into a ball. it has a very destructive power behind it. sorta like Goku
's spirt bomb
by Anonymous April 05, 2003
Means something like "Surge Fist" in Japanese. Is a fireball used by Ryu and Ken in Street Fighter.
"Don't cheese me with them hadokens!"
by Mad Walrus August 06, 2002
Classic 16-bit acrade Street-Fighter II move done by the brothers Ryu and Ken. This is the epitome of a l33t move
Oh snap! I just K.O'd yo niggah ass with a phat HADOKEN
by james acton March 03, 2005
a ball of concentrated engery shot from the hands used bye ryu and ken (best frineds not brothers)
ryu ducked the yoga flame and hadokened dhalsim
by xion May 06, 2005
Using the both hands with the heels touching, one normal and the other inverted, to sexually stimulate a partner with the top hand in the ass/anus and the bottom hand in the vagina/scrotum/dick. Essentially a more forceful Shocker or Reacharound. Bonus points for actually winding up and shouting "HADOKEN!"
I thought fingering was enough, but my partner needed a Hadoken to come
by Marcman November 29, 2005
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