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1. From Japanese Ha Dou (Wave or Surge) and Ken (Fist, Technique, or Attack); a blastwave or fireball formed from a martial artist's life energy (or ki/ch'i). The hands are brought together, heels of the palms touching, and moved to beside the fighter's waist (which is as close as one can get to the center of the body, where the most ch'i gathers). The energy is then focused into the hands, and when both arms are thrown forward, palms outward, the energy wave is fired in the same direction as the double palm punch. Very similar in nature to other ch'i-based fireball attacks, including Son Goku's _kamehameha_, Piccolo's _ma kou sen_, the fireballs used by Liu Kang and Johnny Cage, and other cast members of Mortal Kombat, Fatal Fury, and especially Street Fighter. The Hadoken technique itself was developed by the shotokan karate master Gotetsu, who taught it to his disciple Goken, who in turn taught it to Ryu and Ken Masters, along with his other special techniques, the ShoRyuKen (Dragon Power Fist) and the TatsuMakiSenPuKyaku (Hurricane Kick).

2. In the webcomic _8-Bit Theater_, by Brian Clevinger, the character Black Mage casts a 9th-level spell called Hadoken. The spell seems to be a pumped-up version of the Final Fantasy I spell "NUKE" (also called "FLARE" in later sequels of the game), though in Final Fantasy I, there were only 8 spell levels (9 being the number of spell levels traditionally used in Dungeons & Dragons).
You do not yet have enough power to produce the Hadouken.
by Ice Ninja September 08, 2003
1. A move performed by Ryu, Ken, Sakura, Akuma, and Dan in Street Fighter 2-Alpha 2 and many other games that involved Capcom characters.

2. Black Mage's most powerful spell that looks like a Kamehameha, but does not have the same affect. It nukes forests.
"*Sigh* Do I have to do everything myself?"
"Tempting, but I need you for a shield- I mean, a traveling cohort. No matter, time to kick some giant ass...Ha...Do...KEN!"
by Link Aurilius October 16, 2003
The uktimate of the ilustrious and evil stabbing powerhouse that is 8-Bit theater's Black Mage. Also means surge fist in japanese. Ultimate attack is shinkuu hadoken. Trans: Vacum surge fist.
"Raaaaaaaagh HADOKEN!!!!!!" - Ryu, Street Fghter hero.
by SatanBoy August 04, 2003
note: the super form is shinkuu hadoken

n. 1. quartercircle forward motion, usually causing a hadoken
2. a fireball, usually performed by members of the Street Fighter series
v. to form a mobile "fireball" of immense power that is used to destroy
Oh! and he just did the Hadoken!
Don't make me Haoken your ass!
by Evanezer April 18, 2003
It is spelled HadouKen not hadoken... Hadou is when life energy is used as martial arts. Hadou has many forms. Hadouken is only one form. This is a very strong attack used by Ryu or Ken Masters.
He's preparing to execute the Hadouken!!
by Ken Masters April 17, 2003
When you lay a fart in your cupped hands and fling it at someone.
I hadokened my mom last night and she fainted.
by Matt Nederbo December 11, 2006
The Hadoken
~ A powerful wave of conducted electricity generated by the human spirit
~ Performed when "chi" is active in the human body from meditation
The Hadoken was believed to be used in the "ken shui" times. Ancient martial artists were skilled with the combat skill Hadoken, and people who were able to use it, were considered blessed by the God of Thunder (Houkda). Nowadays, the move is known as an urban myth and is used in popular video games such as the famous Street Fighter Series.
by Ashitaka February 17, 2005
For a blast of ki energy, it sure doean't do a whole lot of damage....

by apesheet December 29, 2003
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