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when one person cuts a small incision in a male's ball sack, then inserts a straw in the incision and slowly sucks out small amounts of sperm at a time.
"dude why is evan walking weird?"

"i heard Karla was hacking his sack last night and hacked to much out of him."


Ashleigh: "Omg Brittney did you SEE how small Johnny's balls where during swimming?"

Brittney: "yahh i could totally see that thu his speedo"

Jessica: "dude no it's usually a lot bigger but yesturday when i was hacking his sack, his mom walked in and i hacked waaay too hard!"

Brittney and Ashleigh: "Oh Brittney you just love hacking the sack!!"
by Hackey Sackers691 March 26, 2010
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