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Similar to buck-passing.  To avoid responsibility for direct communication and admitting how one really feels in-favour of benign hacking of a lover's social-media to disclose how one feels.
-- He could never figure-out how, if her overtures were genuine, why they were random, like if she WERE really interested, why not contact him directly rather than leave it to chance whether he heard her or not!!

-- Yeah, I understand that his brain went into a feedback loop later, as to how she could be so generous as to make him that offer, but so miserly as to be inflexible.

-- Did they try to connect?

-- Yeah, but it was a comedy-of-eros, only not so funny.  Anyone who knows his history would understand why he was scared and tentative, but she was closed to those icebreaking freeze-ups.

-- So why not communicate directly?

-- Oh he did, eventually, to take responsibility for making things work, but she has challenges doing that.  The closest she has come so far is, it SEEMS, to hack his posts, and edit out whatever she doesn't like, leaving what she thinks by implication.

-- So he suffers daily for his mistakes -- he's crazy about her -- and more than he deserves, but yet she resorts to hack-passing?
by sukadog April 04, 2011
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