1.) Short name used for "hacky sack"
2.) The goal achieved when every player within a "hack circle" kicks the hacky sack at least once without letting it touch the ground.
3.) Someone who copies, mimics, or deliberately impersonates other people, or other peoples accomplishments in search of praise.
4.) To infiltrate, destroy, reconfigure, or violate any sort of computer program, website, etc. through use of coding.
5.) To stab, slash, cut, lacerate, etc. repetitively until the object or objects are in multiple pieces.
1.) "Dude, pass me the hack."
2.) "JOHN YOU SUCK!! We almost had a hack!"
3.) "Man...Jimmy is such a hack."
4.) "I'm gonna hack the hell out of that site."
5.) "Whoah, he hacked that thing to hell."
by Saint March 06, 2005
Someone in the film industry, usually a director, who works on projects solely for financial reasons, rather than creative reasons. It is not about a filmmaker who is simply bad. That is a common misconception.
Jon Peters is such a hack, all he cares about making the film marketable, and not about the characters.
#hack #money #souless #jerk #asshole
by ajhoax October 02, 2008
In Northern Irish slang:

n. "The hack of...": "the sorry state of...".

v. To cope with.
n. Have ye seen the hack of this gobshite?

v. Janty, I can't hack this no more. My feet hurt.
by anonymous June 02, 2004
Noun: Someone who steals a joke from a comedian or uses a played out joke/premise.

Verb: To steal a joke or use a played out premise.
Noun: What a hack!

Verb: Way to hack cellphone rings!
by Nick Beasley June 16, 2004
n. two or three holes "hacked" into the ice at each end of an ice curling rink to give the sweepers somewhere to rest their brooms. Also:

v. what smokers do while curling, which is one of the few Olympic sports where smoking is allowed during the game.

Throw some end-raise take-out weight and I'll sweep from the hack!

Hurry hard!
#curling #skip stones #broom #sweep #hammer
by gnostic1 October 03, 2011
someone that is fake or copies others
see: dane cook
carlos mencia is a hack
#idiot #con #artist #faker #scam #nazi
by intelligentperrrrson February 10, 2007
- An individual that unintentionally makes life difficult for others.

- A troll that has somehow justified their actions and doesn't think they're actually trolling.

- Someone that doesn't take responsibility for their actions and it negatively affects the group.

- A joke of a person
Mike - "Yo did Chris put in money for the restaurant bill?"
John - "He said he didn't have to because he only bought a soda"
Mike - "He's a hack"

Chris - "Did John throw up in the bathroom and not clean it up?"
Gabe - "I'm not sure but if so that was a hack move"
#annoying #that guy #sleazeball #good guy greg #scumbag #degenerate
by Nino Carlos May 04, 2013
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