A word used at the end of a sentence to emphasize a exclamation mark. Usually used when an emotion needs to be conveyed, which is normally happiness or contentment.
“I love my peanut butter jelly dance! Hacha!”
by Catleen January 19, 2005
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An exclamation of happiness and excitement. Founded by the overjoyed cat-girl of Hopscotch Heroes, Pink Neko.
We saved the day, hacha!
by Catleen's Evil Twin June 21, 2005
Peach's side-b. With a great thrust of energy, Peach thrusts her butt at you and shouts ha-cha! Getting hit by this move is somewhat embarrassing and mildly erotic.
Ganondorf: I can't believe that ha-cha just hit me. I'm going to roadhouse her and send her cute little butt flying.
by God of the Kitchen July 14, 2010
A term similar to booyah, used primarily by No*Doubt (Retarded_Spoon) of E-Crush, as well as by old ladies. Usage is spreading throughout the more educated members of the E-Crush population however, which has spurred the growth of a new derivative, "wa cha".
No*Doubt: I just wiped the floor with your ass!
No*Doubt: Ha cha!
by Dr. Tony January 17, 2005

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