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(n.) A noun relating to foolish and absurd acts often committed in a social setting, but may occur in private as well. While the origin of these shenanigans dates back to traveling salesmen selling men’s clothing in 17th century England, over time it has become more widely used to describe the aforementioned types of acts. Alcoholic beverages are a popular catalyst to the occurrence of such foolishness.
See also the synonyms: tomfoolery, hooliganism, and buffoonery
Common misspellings include: "haberdashary", "habardashery", and "fred"
The woman scoffed, but knew her fiancé’s drunken haberdashery would be limited to the night of his bachelor party only.
What is the meaning of this haberdashery?!?
by e. trujillo and e. orme November 30, 2005
the artful design, creation and selection of fine hats, probably the fruitiest fashion pursuit of them all
And what do you do in your spare time?
by foltor August 08, 2005
Supposed to be a place where men accessories are, but is used in such a way:

"I want to touch your haberdashery."
Makes absolutley no sense, but it depends on how dirty your mind is.
"I want to touch your haberdashery."
by Emi-Panda August 08, 2009
Private parts, especially the pubic hair region
Put some pants on- you don't want everyone seeing your haberdashery!
by Gram Smith July 04, 2013
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