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1. A person that hacks
2. An old person
3. Someone that cheats at everything
4. Neil Mellendorf
"Neil was being such a h4ck.. He said he wasn't hacking, even though everyone knows he was because of the punkbuster screenshot."

"Yeah, my 4th grade teacher was pretty much a ha4ck."
by Nick Last June 01, 2005
To cheat at a game that all of your friends play, and not tell them you cheat at the said game. Later on, your friends will find out about said cheating and harass you for it.
John- "Hey Udo, how was getting to 60?"

...(Long Convo)...

John- "Just admit you use a leveling bot and you are a h4ck."

Udo- "I'm not gunna deny it..."

...(The Yelling Begins)...
by John Marcoux July 18, 2008