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The name used to describe an albanian person or someone of and albanian descent
"hey look at that gypsy i think he has a bomb on him"
by maki15 March 22, 2010
A slut. (Gypsy s were originally travelers, going from place to place- stealing and such.) So a girl who goes from man to man, often leading on several at a time.
Most everyone knows one or more Gypsy.
by Rev. Stephanie May 21, 2009
a traveling hooker. also generally theives
man that dam gypsy whore flogged me bloody wallet
by get a turkey up ya mate February 27, 2009
a beautiful young woman with morals, brains, and nice clothes..who is NOT indian
Earlier today, he saw a gypsy walking down the street and practically spilled his coffee because he wasn't paying attention.
by victowiuh October 12, 2009
Gypsy: a race not a choice, nor action, nor feeling. But a race of people with their own toungue, culture, and ways of life.
Gypsy: a racist term like that of Nigger, Beaner, Chink, Honkey, Whop or any term used to mean harm or hate.
Gypsy: a word to describe a person that moves around alot, a nomad, and person with no home. This use came from the people that left Egypt long ago in serch for there own Milk and Honey, traveling all around the world making many different homes around the world. Gypsy are in every country, state, city, town. Many not doing anything wrong, but like the African Americans getting blamed for a few bad apples. Like in all races no ones perfect.
Do you cook all traditional Gypsy food for dinner?

I love how this gypsy style house is designed.

To all you White ENGLISH ignorant bastards...

There is a BIG difference between Irish Gypsies and ROMANY

Next time you choose to put people down...get you facts straight...dumb asses!
The beautiful Gypsy girl dances in the night,with her long brown hair and eyes of onyx.She IS TRUE beauty!
by GypsyDoll December 11, 2005
Being fake and disrespectful. Being a instigator or starting problems one cant handle. Acting like a complete asshole for no reason. Not fessing up to something one has done. Being a snitch.
1. Joe actin like a real gypsy not returin my phone calls after i loaned him that money.
2. i was being a maxx gypsy when i slept wit the homie sister.
3. That dude was a complete gypsy the way he sucker punched my cousin and took off running.
by Sinclair Tha Gr8 October 20, 2009