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A very rich person. Who love to show off
Who's that guy in the Bentley? Oh he must be a Gypsy
by eat my sadme June 10, 2010
7 18
A slut. (Gypsy s were originally travelers, going from place to place- stealing and such.) So a girl who goes from man to man, often leading on several at a time.
Most everyone knows one or more Gypsy.
by Rev. Stephanie May 21, 2009
11 22
a traveling hooker. also generally theives
man that dam gypsy whore flogged me bloody wallet
by get a turkey up ya mate February 27, 2009
15 26
Another word for "woman", a gypsy is a woman, or broad, who is trying to share emotions with you, who is flirting with you, or who is just talking to you.
"Gypsys on ma trail"
by sloth konken February 24, 2009
9 20
A GPS device.
I don't drive anywhere without my gypsy.
by TheJeebusGuy July 11, 2008
9 20
The name used to describe an albanian person or someone of and albanian descent
"hey look at that gypsy i think he has a bomb on him"
by maki15 March 22, 2010
14 26
Gypsy's are regular people just like you and me, they have good people and bad people just like every single other race out there. They come from some part of India but aren't exactly Indian, not sure what they are? all I know is that they're very sexy and exotic people. Many were killed in the holocaust along with the Jews
Those Gypsy's sure can dance
by qtp December 26, 2003
120 132