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Klan of scumbags that don't go 2 school, and hang at dever school, some don't live with their family and some where a black hat with the brim pointed upwards
i walked to dever and saw the band of gypsy's
by maroons33 May 18, 2008
26 36
Someone of a below average heaight, but generally awesome in nature. Does not get along well with peruvian people, especially those with a douschy nature
Paul is a gypsy
by andres from peruvia February 22, 2012
1 12
A very rich person. Who love to show off
Who's that guy in the Bentley? Oh he must be a Gypsy
by eat my sadme June 10, 2010
7 18
Another word for "woman", a gypsy is a woman, or broad, who is trying to share emotions with you, who is flirting with you, or who is just talking to you.
"Gypsys on ma trail"
by sloth konken February 24, 2009
9 20
A GPS device.
I don't drive anywhere without my gypsy.
by TheJeebusGuy July 11, 2008
9 20
A slut. (Gypsy s were originally travelers, going from place to place- stealing and such.) So a girl who goes from man to man, often leading on several at a time.
Most everyone knows one or more Gypsy.
by Rev. Stephanie May 21, 2009
11 23
a traveling hooker. also generally theives
man that dam gypsy whore flogged me bloody wallet
by get a turkey up ya mate February 27, 2009
15 27