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Walloomsac is a word used to describe something that is not normal, or out of the ordinary, or somethiung that stands out.
A bright red truck drove past them.
Dillon said "that car is a walloomsac!"

There were 3 red crayons and 1 orange
Taylor said: "woah that orange crayon is such a walloomsac!"
by DillVonTayyMonroe October 13, 2010
Short for Clever! Duh!
"We Make Up SOme Pretty Clev Words!" Said Tayylor
by DillVonTayyMonroe October 21, 2010
A weakly tradition which involves snacks being brought by an individual for a group of friends (People such as...Taylor, Dillon, Allison, Noah & Scott)
Dillon brought a cake for his friends at lunch
"Thanks for the Bucket O' Fries!" Taylor Said

Noah Brought koolaid thinking black people would wanna be friends with him.
"your so kind for bringing this Bucket O' Fries! Allison & Scott told him.
by DillVonTayyMonroe October 17, 2010
short for the name Robert
"Hey Boots come over here to do kids voting" Said Taylor
by DillVonTayyMonroe November 08, 2010
To say something is bigger (short for gynormous)
"I Live in a gyno house" Said Allison

"What a gyno truck!" Taylor said

"Thats a gyno walloomsac!" Dillon said

"I hate the word gyno, I'd rather say big" said Noah

"You are a Gyno freak" Said Scott
by DillVonTayyMonroe October 17, 2010

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