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Gympho is a fitness apparel company based out of Kansas City, MO. The OFFICIAL true meaning of a Gympho is someone who is OBSESSED WITH FITNESS! Patrick Kennedy is the founder of the trademark name Gympho. You can follow Gympho on twitter, facebook, instagram and pinterest.
That guy in the gym thats there everyday, he is a Gympho!
#obsessed with fitness #gym rat #fitness competitor #bodybuilder #fitness model #active person
by Gympho April 29, 2014
Someone, usually a bodybuilder, that eats, breathes, & lives for the gym.
Matt lifted 6 days this week, he is a regular gympho.
#gym #fitness #gymrat #bodybuilder #weights #lifter #beastmode
by jupiterdustpr April 13, 2014
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