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Tumblr for housewives.
80% of all Pinterest users are women and about 99% of its content is pure virtual estrogen.
by Name M. I. Surname April 15, 2013
a social networking site that allows you to figuratively "pin" pictures of your likes/interests in a simple, organized fashion
I am a type a personality and I just love tacking all of my favs on pinterest!
by gazebo11 August 03, 2011
A website that allows users to post and share activities that they enjoy; such as recipes, clothing, etc. essentially 4chan
for ladies.
My girlfriend is WAY into pinterest recently. I don't get it. They don't even have a section for hentai!
by J.J. the radical October 04, 2012
Essentially 4chan and tumblr to a degree, but it is dominated by women mostly (About 88%) The other 12% is pretty much fags or transgender homosexuals. Upon looking at my ex girlfriends pinterest, i was overcome by home much stupid stuff there was to be seen. From what i saw, you "Repin" what others have posted. In her case, recipes for food (Fat ass), housing arrangements, ways in how you can get a good workout (Bullshit, use a gym), etc. I'm guessing that is what tomboys pin. The normal female posts about her wedding day, accreditations and true values in a relationship, the size of their boyfriends monster cock, etc. Shit like that is just stupid on both ends, i do however have to give my youngest sister credit she posts nothing of the kind, instead, she simply bashes on them and their pins.
Tammy pinned about a mix of applesauce and bananas and caused 500 other young, naive, women to slather that shit in their hair and make a huge fucking mess that not even the hairdresser could fix, instead, they called sergeant dornan and they all got a buzz cut.

Tammy, all us guys forever reserve you a spot at the bar, man cave, and or bed.

This is what you get for believing shit on pinterest, a buzz cut...was it worth it?
by Boats n' hoes August 01, 2013