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a combination of a geek and a dweeb
"steven is such a gweeb. but don't let that fool ya... he's a freak in da sack!"
by that weird kid next door April 10, 2007
-the combonation of geek+dweeb.
-a loser bitch/faggot.
kay- eww, did you see that guy hitting on me last night?

ron- yea that dude was a gweeb.

by Chiquita:) December 23, 2008
A globally inept person.
Contraction of global + dweeb.
That adult is a gweeb! He thought Vienna was the capital city of Australia.

The political leader was a gweeb. He thought that New Mexico was a separate country; when in fact, it is one of the 50 States within the United States of America!

by Jeffrey Tong October 02, 2005
To be blunt, gooch pube.
Dang, my gweebs are really itching today.
by Neagle December 05, 2007
A global idiot, or globally inept person.
Contraction of global + dweeb (slang for idiot)
This word was already submitted by me on Oct 2, but below is a better example.

An American tourist visiting Germany was in Koln (that's the German name for the city of Cologne) frantically asking everyone at the train station for directions on how to get to Cologne. That gweeb didn't realize he was ALREADY in Cologne!
by Jeffrey Tong October 27, 2005
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