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an awsome word meaning "impersonal expression of saying *poke*"

the action of poking someone without any physical contact
by KT trick May 29, 2007
(v.) Masturbation with a female's panties
Jimmy, don't let mom catch you gwarking with grandma's knickers again.

Jimmy don't gwark with my thongs, you little pervert.
by Kevin Flurginmyer April 11, 2008
The Modern Day Teenage equivellent to saying "What The Fuck?" without the profanities and the shit you'd get into by using such a word in front of the olds. Most coomonly used in the early hours of every morning, everyday of the year.
Tim: Christmas! I hope i'll get my super slam station today!

Tims Mum: Merry Christmas! Heres your Barbie doll!

Tim: Gwark?!?!
by Edens_Shadow August 22, 2007

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