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Guz is the term used to express a sign of affection and love for your fellow "guz". It refers only to those with an exceptionally high calibar and is usually associated with those few who are good on top. Therefore, inevitably this excludes James "im so good in bed" Ackers.
Tiffany: Hey guz some absolute randomers called me an airhead last night.
Jess: Aww guza cat who?
Jordan: I think it was them chavs who cut off that poor cats ears guz.
Jess: Yeh thats a fair point guz, those lot are always up to random things. Saw one of them the other day guz, you know, the one that drives the black corsa carrying a purple HANDBAG!!! on his shoulder.
Jordan: Ohhhh yeah he was in the park guz. He seemed to get very angry whenever anyone came near it, lashing out, throwing the contents of his bag at them, and quickly collecting his things whilst making his hasty exit.
Tiffany: Strange bunch guz.
Jess: Very strange...glad iv got you GUZAS!! ;)
by Guza Cat May 11, 2008
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a term used by wanna be gangstas. probably originates from the word cuz, but due to people being retards they say guz.
tiffany "supp guz"
Bridie "Yo Sup"
Tiffany "fancy being complete air heads"
Bridie "ok guz, sweet idea"
by ackers March 26, 2008
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Ti si tup guz
by nedotamtupguz May 03, 2016
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