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An adjective describing the ability of men to be knocking the snot out of each other one minute, and then knocking back a beer together the next minute. In contrast to women, who remember every high school insult at their fiftieth reunion.
When he was a young man, Abe Lincoln beat the crap out of a minor gangster named Jack Armstrong. Immediately afterward, they became friends for life. Lincoln and Armstrong were guypolar.
by tf101062 January 14, 2008
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(gi-po'lar) a. The inability of males to concentrate on more than one thing at any time. The reason why it can be dangerous to talk to a male whilst they are operating heavy machinery or shaving. (f. guy- + polar.)
"I'm sorry, I can't remember what we were talking about because I thought about something else for a second... ...and I'm guypolar."

"I was only trying to program my VCR, and the house burned down. Must be because I'm guypolar and forgot about the deep fryer."
by Tom Sawyer, sitting in the foyer. November 22, 2007
This is a mental disorder in which you are unable to decide who to like. You switch who you like as frequently as you change your underwear. Although it may not bother those with the disorder (unless they have had it for a long time) it is very irritating to those around them.
Carol: So, who do you like?
Cait: John.

Cait: or maybe Paul.

Cait: Actually, I think I like Matt.
by ohsnapiknowyou09 March 08, 2007
A mental disorder in which a woman is attracted to a different many each day. Most women are unaware of the disorder but people associated with her will notice and become very irritated. The disorder is most active between ages 12-35 and simmers down after that. People who suffer from guypolar have commitment issues and can not maintain a longterm relationship. Symtoms of guypolar are anger, confusion, attention seeker, loud, and extra flirtatious. People who suffer from guypolar tend to lead men on and are a big tease.
guypolar freak
by CLOUSEAUNATOR April 25, 2011

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