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A man, often but not always gay, who favors the stereotypically lesbian lifestyle, i.e., Birkenstocks, sandals, long scruffy hair, recycling, vegetarian pot-lucks, child-raising, etc. as oppossed to circuit parties, gym memberships, promiscuity, and fashion etc.
Remember that show "All in the Family"? Gloria's husband, Mike, a.k.a. "Meathead" was a real *guy-dyke*.
by AJK December 19, 2003
21 28
The name given to a guy that likes/wants to have relationships with lesbians
Bob-"Hey, look at that girl over there"
Bill-"oh her, she's a lesbian"
Bob-"OMFG no way, score!"
Bill-"You're such a guydyke!"
by Toootoootootoo November 30, 2009
21 6