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His voice can turn into a 12 white year old girl, then into a 30 year old black man in a matter of seconds, Talented bastard

Also resembles gary coleman
Holy shit is that gary coleman?
by LaRgO November 23, 2004
The BEST singer in the world! He is cute and funny and has a great voice! Both of he's singles and he's album went to number one strait away! And you really need some talent to do that! Guy is really special, and I am proud to have him as MY idol!
Best singer in the world, cutest face, most gorgeous hair.
by Samy! March 07, 2004
The very deserving, talented, gorgeous, genuine, intelligent, charming winner of the first Australian Idol!
The ideal man!!
by Nicole March 07, 2004
He who sings foul manufactured piss. Associated with a fundamentalist christian "church" (read: nasty ass far-right cult, but with clapping and such)
Guy Sebastian, he's the devil man.
by tea chest November 10, 2006
The most sincere person anyone would ever meet. With a heart of gold, Guy remains faithful towards his music and fans with his incredible voice, giving out the best tunes ever heard. Being a Christian myself, he makes us all proud!!! I'm FOREVER WITH YOU Guy.... GO THE FRO
by Laura January 31, 2005
a) The first winner of Australian Idol and a talented young man who is the antithesis of of manufactured singers. b)The boy with the fro
c)A strong believer and keeper of faith
"Dat's what I'm talk'n bout!"
by schizophonic February 09, 2004
Very coolies, telented singer!
He is really special and should be respected and not put-down by people on this site!

GO THE FRO!!!!!!!
Guy rox so much!
by Samy March 10, 2004
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