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Gutmonkey: that deep-seated desire/obsession/passion/addiction that, gut-level, inspires you to act.

From "gut" and "monkey on your back." Not a derogatory term, but rather one that invokes the passion of an addiction and the gut-level inspiration that moves people to action.

The word CafePress made up to describe the passion/obsession/desire that leads its users to create or buy specific merchandise that relates to their own gutmonkey.
Sam's more than just a foodie; trying new restaurants is a serious gutmonkey for her.
#gutmonkey #cafepress #obsession #addiction #hobby #gut monkey
by buzzcowboy April 08, 2008
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A human fetus in the womb as seen from outside. The large swollen area of a woman who is far into a pregnancy. Especially a very large and pronounced belly shape. A humorous tone slightly related to the parasitic nature of a fetus upon it's mother.
It was quite apparent from the size of her huge gut monkey that she was easily 8 or 9 months into her pregnancy.
#fetus #baby bump #pregnant #pregnancy #large #parasite
by thechurchfodave September 20, 2011
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